Vietnam Motorbike Tours – From Saigon to Dalat 6D5N

What is included in the finest 6-day easy rider trip of Vietnam, from Saigon to Dalat? From the Mekong Delta to Dalat, where you will have the chance to discover this land’s culture, we will provide you an entirely unique experience.

You can see the architecture and take in the breathtaking views of the verdant woodlands as you travel from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta.

Additionally, you will be able to witness the stunning sunset over Lak Lake in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. We don’t stop there; we also lead you through some of Vietnam’s most breathtaking passes, where you may soak in the breathtaking vistas and push yourself to the limit.

Come along on this insightful and alluring Best Easy Rider Tour Vietnam from Saigon to Dalat with us to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s natural beauty and populace. Remember that this tour is also available in reverse.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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Day 1: Saigon – Can Tho (210 Km – 7 Hours Riding)

Take the Best Easy Rider Tour to experience the serene countryside and escape the bustle of Saigon.

Our first destination is the Cao Dai Temple, an eye-catching example of distinctive architecture that represents the Cao Dai faith. The intricacy and grandeur of this architecture will wow you, and this easy rider tour will teach you about the distinctive religious practices of the Cao Dai religion.

We will continue our Vietnam motorbike trip by travelling via twisting roads and taking in the stunning views of rural communities and paddy fields. This is a fantastic chance to meet amiable people and learn about their way of life. You’ll receive a warm welcome and gain knowledge of traditional craftspeople’s jobs.

We are going to arrive at Can Tho as the day draws to a close. You can check into your hotel here and then take a stroll around the city to experience the local flavour.

Can Tho is a bustling, beautiful city well-known for its delicious seafood, floating marketplaces, and welcoming residents.

After reaching Can Tho from Saigon, it’s time for us to relax in preparation for our next voyage.

Day 2: Can Tho – Ben Tre (140 Km – 5 Hours Riding)

We will take a ride on the Hau River and visit the lively Cai Rang Floating Market early in the morning. This is a fantastic chance for you and your companion to experience the lively ambiance of the floating market while learning about the customs and way of life of those who live along the river on your Vietnam motorbike trip.

Upon our return from the floating market, we will ride our motorbike past plantations of fresh tropical fruit on our way there. You will savour the amazing flavours of a variety of unusual fruits that you wouldn’t typically get at home.

The trip continues with stops at the Dong Tam Snake Farm, the Honey Tea Factory, and traditional artisan villages like the flavouring village and ceramic village, each of which offers new and distinctive experiences.

Lastly, spend the evening in a traditional home in Thoi Son hamlet. You will be greeted warmly by the locals and treated to a delectable meal.

Day 3: Ben Tre – Dong Xoai (150 Km — 5 Hours Riding)

Proceed with the expedition. Ben Tre to Dong Xoai: The easiest riding tour.

On our boat ride through the tiny canals, we will see the locals going about their everyday lives.

You may see how traditional handicrafts are made directly by visiting the village where the residents produce cakes and paper from coconuts.

As we continue our Vietnam easy rider tour, we’ll get on a motorbike and ride to the well-known Cu Chi Tunnels, where you can explore the network of tunnels in Vietnam and discover the destruction caused by war. You won’t soon forget your motorbike tour in Vietnam, for sure.

We will pause en route to see Vinh Trang Pagoda, which is regarded as the Mekong Delta’s most exquisite pagoda.

Lastly, we’ll spend the night and check into our hotel before it becomes dark.

You may unwind and take in the serene ambiance of the countryside in the modest and serene city of Dong Xoai.

Day 4: Dong Xoai – Draysap Waterfall (180 Km – 7 Hours Riding)

Prepare yourself to enjoy the easy rider Vietnam trip’s journey from Dong Xoai to Draysap Waterfall, which offers a variety of breathtaking scenery and chances for you to capture candid moments on camera.

We’ll stop at plantations growing rubber, pepper, coffee, and curry along the route so you can sample some fresh produce and learn about local farming.

Surrounded by beautiful foliage, we will reach Dray Sap Waterfall as we continue on the twisting forest paths. After exhausting days of touring Vietnam on a motorbike, cool off with a nice swim in the Fairy Pool, which is close by.

You will experience a lot of shocks on the Vietnam Easy Rider tour, including spending the night in a traditional Long House in the middle of the forest. eating a tasty rice dish cooked in bamboo tubes and a BBQ supper.

Day 5: Draysap Waterfall – Lak Lake (140 Km – 5 Hours Riding)

after departing from the stunning Dray Sap cascade. We will have the chance to watch how the locals make rice paper and vermicelli in the old-fashioned way. You will be able to taste distinctive culinary goods and obtain a deeper grasp of the regional culinary culture as a result.

We took some time on this trip to arrange a hike to the summit of Da Voi Mountain in order to enjoy the expansive view of the surrounding area, continuing the adventure of the greatest easy rider tour with country roads. Now set your anxieties aside, take a deep breath, and proceed.

We will travel through paddy fields en route to Lak Lake. observing the stunning dusk as it slides behind far-off towns.

We will check into the lovely hotel with a view of Lak Lake and spend the evening getting to know the location.

Day 6: Lak Lake – Dalat (165 Km – 5 Hours Riding)

On the sixth day of your easy rider tour in Vietnam, you will awaken to the tranquil sounds of the highlands and forests, savour a delectable breakfast, and watch the M’nong ethnic community go about their daily activities.

Wander through Jun Village to get a sense of the people’ everyday routines and culture.

Then get back on your motorbike and ride through quaint little towns as you weave through verdant forests and picturesque mountain passes. You’ll be captivated by the gorgeous environment, so put on lovely outfits and get in to virtual life right immediately!

The Best Tour for Easy Riders Vietnam will take us to the magnificent Elephant Waterfall, whose size and beauty will astound you.

On the Vietnam motorbike trip, we will show you around the Silkworm Village and Silkworm Factory. After that, we’ll take you on a leisurely drive into the countryside, where you can see people going about their everyday lives. On their land, farmers cultivate vegetables, flowers, and coffee.

Around 5:00 p.m., we’ll arrive in Dalat, where you can check into the hotel of your choice or be driven to the airport in order to depart.

Think about taking a 4-day trip from Saigon to Dalat if you don’t have six days.

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